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Uncle Sam Sinhala Teledrama

Sri lanka tele drama Uncle Sam telecast on every weekday at 7.30 p.m. on Derana TV

Uncle Sam Sinhala Teledrama

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You can find following videos
Episode-49 - Uncle Sam(17-07-2015)
Episode-50 - Uncle Sam(20-07-2015)
Episode-51 - Uncle Sam(21-07-2015)
Episode-52 - Uncle Sam(22-07-2015)
Episode-53 - Uncle Sam(23-07-2015)
Episode-54 - Uncle Sam(24-07-2015)
Episode-55 - Uncle Sam(27-07-2015)
Episode-56 - Uncle Sam(28-07-2015)
Episode-57 - Uncle Sam(29-07-2015)
Episode-58 - Uncle Sam(30-07-2015)
Episode-59 - Uncle Sam(31-07-2015)
Episode-60 - Uncle Sam(03-08-2015)
Episode-61 - Uncle Sam(04-08-2015)
Episode-62 - Uncle Sam(05-08-2015)
Episode-63 - Uncle Sam(06-08-2015)
Episode-64 - Uncle Sam(07-08-2015)
Episode-65 - Uncle Sam(10-08-2015)
Episode-66 - Uncle Sam(11-08-2015)
Episode-67 - Uncle Sam(12-08-2015)
Episode-68 - Uncle Sam(13-08-2015)
Episode-69 - Uncle Sam(14-08-2015)
Episode-70 - Uncle Sam(17-08-2015)
Episode-71 - Uncle Sam(18-08-2015)
Episode-72 - Uncle Sam(19-08-2015)
Episode-73 - Uncle Sam(20-08-2015)
Episode-74 - Uncle Sam(24-08-2015)
Episode-75 - Uncle Sam(25-08-2015)
Episode-76 - Uncle Sam(26-08-2015)
Episode-77 - Uncle Sam(27-08-2015)
Episode-78 - Uncle Sam(28-08-2015)
Episode-79 - Uncle Sam(31-08-2015)
Episode-80 - Uncle Sam(01-09-2015)
Episode-81 - Uncle Sam(02-09-2015)
Episode-82 - Uncle Sam(03-09-2015)
Episode-83 - Uncle Sam(04-09-2015)
Episode-84 - Uncle Sam(07-09-2015)
Episode-85 - Uncle Sam(08-09-2015)
Episode-86 - Uncle Sam(09-09-2015)
Episode-87 - Uncle Sam(10-09-2015)
Episode-88 - Uncle Sam(11-09-2015)